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Website DESIGN

Want control over your content and the timing of your updates / changes? Our platform and team gives you the 24/7 support you need, while giving you full control with no additional fees down the road. We will design, build and launch your new website in 4-6 weeks!


Social MEDIA

Do you know you need to be on social media, but don't have the time to manage daily posts and engagement with your audience? We provide custom content for your business on designated social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 


CC Processing

Tired of over paying for your credit card fees each month? We offer a cost effective solution for small businesses to save money on their CC processing. You could save 15-25% by simply switching providers. Ask us for a FREE evaluation of your current service.


How we do it


Your business is unique and you have big goals  to get your brand noticed and grow your business. With over 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook, it is no wonder businesses have been focusing on social media platforms and their website to reach their next potential customer. What happens when your business focuses on your online presence? Well, when you stay in front of your customers 24/7, they’re more likely to buy from you when they need your products or service.


Whether you are starting from scratch or already have a large following on social media and traffic on your website, we have the tools & know how to work with your business. Maybe you no longer want to manage your social media and you're looking for a team to partner with - Or maybe you know your site is important but it is constantly costing you money to get updates or changes. We will work with you as your partners, so you can focus on your business.


Greg and Krystal Sherwin have been actively engaged with social media marketing for over 9 years and have a passion for helping businesses get noticed on the most popular platforms. We help you set goals, understand who your target audience is, as well as create custom content and manage user engagement for you. SWS will create customized strategies to get your brand out on social networks that help with your awareness and drive conversions.


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